FAGE’s State-of-the-Art U.S. Plant


FAGE’s State-of-the-Art U.S. Plant

With its fuller, richer taste and extraordinarily thick texture, FAGE Total yogurt has been highly successful in the U.S. That’s why FAGE built a modern, state-of-the-art production facility in Johnstown, New York, about 200 miles north of New York City. Fully operational in April 2008, this facility has brought approximately 250 jobs to Johnstown. FAGE also focuses on giving back to the surrounding communities by directly supporting local charities and organizations.

Our U.S. facility currently has capacity to produce approximately 85,000 tons of yogurt annually. We began expansion of our facility early in 2013 which we expect to complete in 2014. Following this expansion, U.S. production capacity ultimately will reach a total of approximately 160,000 tons of yogurt annually, and will enable us to meet the growing demand for our products.

Production in the U.S. has not changed the distinctive taste and texture of FAGE Total yogurt. In fact, our Johnstown plant replicates the manufacturing processes of our yogurt facilities in Greece. Some of our U.S. employees are also trained in Greece to ensure that yogurt production in these two countries is completely uniform and adheres strictly to our family recipe.

Production at the Johnstown plant is based, as it has been for over 85 years, on our proprietary processes. To produce FAGE Total, for example, we grow our own live active yogurt cultures at our facilities in a controlled fermentation process.

We then strain the yogurt so that the end product is rich and creamy even when it’s fat-free!

The U.S. plant allows us to continue to realize our vision: To be the dairy company that contributes through continuous development and innovative high-quality products to the balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle of our consumers around the world.

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