The Greek Yogurt

The Greek Yogurt

There is nothing like the taste and versatility of Greek yogurt

The Greek Yogurt

In recent years, the world has discovered what the Greeks have known for centuries – there is nothing like the taste and versatility of Greek yogurt.

Naturally rich in protein and low in fat, Greek yogurt is a world away from what many people around the world know as “yogurt”. That’s because Greek yogurt is strained, resulting in a thick, creamy yogurt with more protein and fewer carbohydrates.

True to the Greek heritage of fresh ingredients and simple preparation, plain Greek yogurt is the most popular type of yogurt in Greece.

Try it and you’ll see why. Few foods are as delicious or as versatile. In Greece, it is eaten at all hours of the day. Tossed with cucumbers and garlic, it is the traditional dish of tzatziki, and a perfect complement to lunch or dinner. When it is drizzled with honey, plain yogurt is a simple, yet indulgent dessert.

FAGE’s Greek yogurt is part of that heritage and versatility. When you eat FAGE yogurt, you’re part of the ancient Greek tradition of “good living”. Cook with it, and you’re bringing the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle into your diet. Enjoy it, and you’re enjoying more than great-tasting, nutritious, all-natural Greek yogurt. You’re enjoying a tradition and lifestyle that dates back thousands of years, one we’re proud to call our own and pleased to share with you.

For people around the world, FAGE yogurt is more than Greek yogurt. It’s part of life. And we invite you to make it part of yours.